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Generator Zen is an instrumental electronic music project based in Canberra (soon to be relocated to Adelaide). The style? Somewhere between noise, industrial, chill out, techno and synthpop...

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The Deep Silence (2019)

The Deep Silence
1. Start of Silence
2. Drifter
3. Metal Fatigue (Sleep Well)
4. Zen Dictator
5. Cognitive Dissonance
6. Moloch horridus
7. Shifty Shifter
8. The Sad Clown
9. Hopeful
10. End of Silence

Ferro (2018)

1. Non-Ferrous
2. Unkaputtbar
3. Bildröhre
4. Stainless Steal
5. Turbinenwiderstand
6. Photonflux
7. Jimmy (Streaming Only)

Kaleidoscope (2015)

1. Cloudless Sky
2. r3b3
3. Endless Daydream
4. Stealth Stalker
5. Soothing Metal
6. Spectrum

Spacebar (2014)

1. Welcome To This World
2. Robot Dance
3. Recycle (Recycled Mix)
4. Deep Sleep (Alternative Mix)
5. Earth Song
6. Moon Song

Hazardous Frequencies (2013)

1. Spooks
2. Deep Sleep
3. Data Chaos
4. Recycle
5. El Bastardo
6. Empty Space
7. Spooks (Cyber Attack Mix) (Streaming Only)